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Name:Wilford Warfstache
Location:Los Santos, San Andreas
Wilford Warfstache: dubious war veteran, once-suspected murderer and arsonist, and definitely nuts. Also, a talk show host and news reporter of the lowest sort. You know the kind - the ones who get famous for being the scummiest of the scum.

Wilford lives in a strange world, where not only are video games real, but so are the mechanics. Abilities are either superhuman or non-existent, inventory space is a thing, and forgetting to shuffle one's saves is literally the worst. This is all normal for someone who's reported on Slenderman's crippling heroin addiction, and been killed by Freddy Fazbear and lived to be annoyed about it.

Wilford is your basic human in appearance, with Asian features, a little bit of scruff on his cheeks, and a cotton candy pink handlebar moustache. He's a few inches short of six feet tall, and a bit soft around the middle. His mouth moves entirely too much when he talks, despite speaking with an odd sort of mumble. His hair was once cut stylishly, but has since grown out to a barely-tameable fluffy mess, but it works for him. He has a limited inventory space, which usually holds weapons, and low-key supernatural abilities that manifest in weird and unexpected ways (beyond having inventory space to begin with). When he uses his inventory, from the outside it looks like something has just popped into his hand that wasn't there before. Aside from his inventory, most of his mechanics won't work properly in-bar. His save menu is greyed out, making it impossible for him to create and load saves, he can't quick-travel between "realms", mods and hacks are unavailable, and glitches are unexploitable. Outside of Milliways, however, it's all fair game.

A trip to his world would likely involve all of the above.

Note on canon: Update: I apped Wilford after it was implied that his character was being retired, and that no further videos would be made with him. This, it turns out, was a goddamn lie. While I've loved everything that's come out after he was supposed to be retired, it is all being pretty much completely ignored because it has changed literally everything, and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with that. He's pretty much deviated from anything produced in 2017 and later, because good god, apparently his name might actually be William now, and I can't cope with this level of madness.

Wilford is from an amalgam meta canon where video games are the real world (think Wreck-it Ralph, but without the "player" world... sort of. It's complicated and weird). He's originally from a few YouTube sketches, but also appears in a collection of video games, game mods, and custom levels. For purposes of not going insane trying to fit everything together, Wilford will only be tied to modern-ish, mostly-real-world games in the most tangential of ways, with the majority of his millicanon focusing on the live-action sketches. Games on obviously alternate timelines, or in the distant future or past will be aggressively ignored, regardless of whether or not he's in them.

Extra note: Wilford doesn't know he's from a video game world, and ironically, doesn't seem to hold games and gamers in a particularly high esteem. It's just that as far as he's concerned, monsters and save points are a normal part of life.

Special Abilities: For all intents and purposes, Wilford may appear to have special abilities to the casual outsider. When he takes something from his inventory, or puts something into it, the items appear to pop in and out of existence. He also cheats death by way of simply re-loading saves and going back to a point before he was killed.

If you have a pup that can sense magic or superpowers or what have you, feel free to do with this information as you wish.


Wilford Warfstache is the intellectual property of Mark Fischbach, AKA Markiplier, and appears on DreamWidth for roleplay purposes.


As far as play schedules go, I often only get a few hours a week to play, because my work schedule keeps me busy. I try not to drop threads, but it happens sometimes. If you have somewhere specific you want the thread to go, let me know. You can message me here, or I'll gladly share my Discord or Email information. (I'm not in crackchat right now, because it was becoming a major distraction and keeping me from getting work done.)
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