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The year is 17-something. A new world is being settled, the East India Trading Company operates as one of the highest authorities, and there are some parts of the ocean that you just don’t want to get caught in, unless you fancy yourself a good match against roving pirates.

Which is pretty much anywhere, because pirates are pretty much everywhere.

Like all other pirates sailing the seas, The Red Dragon has its share of legend and rumour surrounding it. The old junk seems barely capable of staying afloat, and its crew are disorganised and undisciplined to the point of anarchy, but its red sails are still a cause for fear when spotted on the horizon.

Captain Won-Jae, known as Will to his crew, is just as disorganised and undisciplined as anyone on his ship. He seems to care more about his dog than anything useful, yet the rumours of slaughter and no survivors persist, and his crew must have some reason for sticking around, and not throwing him and his dog to the sharks.

Will himself is scruffy and unkept, as any pirate ought to be. Most noticeable is the handlebar moustache he wears, which has taken on an almost pink tinge to it. Not a vibrant, cotton candy pink, but the sort of pink you’d get from red-undertoned hair being constantly bleached by constant exposure to citrus and sunlight.

Oh yes, and in his world? Things like the Kraken, curses, and ships crewed by the damned are a thing, and not just maritime myth.

In this AU, Wilford is from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe. He comes into the bar having already been here. If your character already knows him, it is up to you if they know this version of him as well, or if the world’s most disorganised pirate is something new for them.